What Dream About Secret Means

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Secret Dream Meaning

The interpretation of a dream about a secret directly depends on the details of night image. Miller considers that if you were astonished by the secret you heard, in real life people who are absolutely unknown to you will ask you for help and advice. This will irritate you but you will have to be self-possessed and help the person in order to avoid conflicts.

If you remained calm after your secret reveal you shouldn’t worry about your luck - this is a favorable dream. If you were very eager to find out the secrets of the universe from a witch doctor, Vanga’s dreambook advises you to pay attention to your creative potential, you can become rich developing it. You should pay attention to what kind of secret the witch-doctor opened - if he gave positive prognosis, you can expect pleasant events or otherwise if the secret was negative.

If you have a dream about revealing an old family secret mostly probable you have questions about your childhood or your ancestors. If you accidentally opened this secret in your dream it can be a sign that you will find the answers you were looking for very soon. Finding out someone else’s secret in the church book means you will soon really find out some unpleasant secrets and the relations with this person will be spoiled.

If you were trying to hide the secret of your child’s birth - do not share your plans with anyone.

Little friends’ secrets mean spoiled relations.

Hiding a governmental secret in your dream - you will get promotion at work.

A secret about someone’s husband cheating - you will soon hear unpleasant news about this family.