What Dream About Scream Means

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Scream Dream Meaning

A desperate cry in a dream warns of a difficult period, which you can overcome if you gather your strength now. According to Miller, if you saw a screaming person in your dream, doubtful pleasures will lead to decline in all spheres of your life in reality.

What does a loud cry for help mean? If you rushed to help in a dream, this means you will cope with any difficulties in real life; if you choose not to intervene, then get ready for major problems.

If someone you know was crying for help in a dream, the dreambooks warn that this person might get ill. If the voice asking for help was unfamiliar to you, then misfortune will come from strangers.

The cry of despair symbolizes the terrible news from afar. And the call of the deceased warns of great misfortune.

Frightened scream of an unfamiliar child in a dream shows that your unworthy behavior will ruin your own soul. If a mother happened to see her crying child in a dream, this means he is in great danger. Hearing the squeal of an unknown child means that you will not get what you want, no matter how hard you try.

The heartbreaking squeak of the baby marks a period of numerous problems. If the cry of a baby was heard in a dream, then the dream book is sure: you will repent of doing something silly.

A loud female cry means you will hear some gossip or be invited to visit. The cry of a woman symbolizes frustration and failure in a dream, and the dream book warns: your fears are far-fetched.

A dream about unhappy mother’s cry means you have chosen a false path and risk suffering. The heartbreaking squeal of a woman you know hints that you are literally “on the edge”, but do not even suspect it.

A loud cry of a wild bird means you should get ready for a very difficult phase of life. Dream interpretation believes that you have to work with a tough and demanding person. The cry of domestic bird means that the path to fame and success will be difficult and long.

To hear the cry of a wild animal, but not to see it, is a symbol of an accident, and a scream of domestic animal predicts a family scandal.

If a young girl heard deafening cry in a dream, most likely, she will have to leave her chosen one because of misunderstanding. If a girl dreamed that someone screamed from joy, then a truce would come, if there was a quarrel; and happiness, harmony in other cases. If the voice was angry or scared, then get ready for scandal, resentment and even attack.

Why do we dream of our own cry? You will make an unfortunate mistake and become mocked. Own cry in a dream also means frustration, worries, dark times, illness and other negative events.

Hearing your own wild wail means that you will experience helplessness. But screaming out in surprise is a good sign. Dream interpretation is sure: in a difficult moment you will definitely receive help.

Even if you screamed from fear, you can be calm: what are you afraid of will not happen to you. If you dreamed of calling someone in the forest, this is a sign of lack of communication, participation - just pay someone a visit.

If you dreamed of a fight and panic squeal, the dream interpretation suspects that you will become a participant in difficult trials. A sudden scare from someone else's cry promises joy and the achievement of the desired.

What dreams of a lot of screaming mean? With equal probability this is a sign of a family scandal or joyful event.

    The dreambooks give additional interpretation of hearing the cry of different animals:
  • Rooster’s cry predicts prosperity, wedding, relief;
  • Owl’s cry – danger, loss, longing;
  • Cry of aseagull – possible death of a relative;
  • Crow – fraud, deceit;
  • Goose – slander, delation;
  • Eagle’s cry – advice from a wise man;
  • Donkey’s cry – public insult;
  • Elephant’s cry – a longtrip.