What Dream About Scratches Means

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Scratches Dream Meaning

Why do scratches appear in a dream? The dream book calls this symbol a harbinger of difficulties in relationships and business, conflicts, intrigues of ill-wishers. Such a sign in a dream also warns against rash or unfair acts.

The dreamed vision of scratches indicates: the dreamer has negative thoughts, which he hides from the others. If they are related to the person with whom you need to maintain the relationship, it is better to leave them in the past, concentrating on the present and future.

Seeing scratches on one of your friends or loved ones in a dream often means you are treating him unfairly. You should review your behavior.

Why do you dream of scratches with blood? The dream book says that a very talkative person will appear, capable of infuriating anyone. However, you should not be rude to him, because this person will be useful in the future.

Did you dream of old scratch marks on your back that were filled with blood again? This means you will remember the past unpleasant moments that should have been forgotten long ago.

To see the marks from the nails on the back of another person means there will be stormy, passionate sex that will be remembered for a long time.

The traces of scratches on a person met in a dream say the dreamer runs the risk of getting involved in some business that can bring trouble. You need to think carefully about the actions, avoid dubious proposals.

Have you seen them appear on your friend's face? The dream book warns: he will commit an unseemly act towards you, but he will repent and ask for forgiveness. Try to understand his motives and make the right decision.

Why do you dream of how someone scratched you? A dream warns of caution: enemies may be plotting something against you.

Did you have a dream that a cat scratched you? A dream indicates: enemies are eyeing your business, where you have invested a lot of energy. They will do a lot to take it away.

Scratches on the body in a dream warn, according to the dream book, that you will seriously quarrel with someone soon. This fight will be quite painful.

Why do you dream of a bloody wound on the body? This image means you will feel irritation, discontent caused by a friend who will become bored with constant chatter.

    The interpretation of the dream takes into account where you saw them. So the scrapes appeared on:
  • the body - beware of slander;
  • scratches on the face - you will face injustice;
  • on the forehead - you will have a strong fight with someone;
  • scrapes on the legs - you will show purposefulness;
  • on the hands - obstacles on the way to your plans.

Sometimes dreaming about scratches on the legs indicates, according to the dream book, excessive zeal to achieve what you want. The dreamer forgets about caution, and he can get into an unpleasant situation.

Seeing scratches on one’s face in a dream also means an unpleasant quarrel will soon follow, the consequences of which will be unpredictable.

The dream about bloody marks on the face indicate that business competitors can use dishonest tricks and spoil your reputation. You will need to make every effort to restore your image and an honest name. One should behave with caution, ignoring provocations.

What does it mean if you dream of scratches on your car? This is a cautionary note to drive with caution as there is a risk of an accident.

Did you see scratches on a wedding ring in a dream? The dream interpretation explains: there will be some kind of flaw in the relationship with the soul mate - misunderstanding, quarrels. It is necessary to clarify controversial issues, not allowing the aggravation of the situation.