What Dream About School Means

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School Dream Meaning

School is a symbol of getting knowledge both in reality and in your sleep. Some dreambooks think that if you visited school in a dream you may be very talented in literature and should try yourself as a writer.

Modern dreambooks think that school seen in a dream promises future obstacles and life lessons. If you were a pupil it means you miss earlier pleasant experience. Entering school and seeing a lot of children there brings the dreamer unexpected joy. If you saw a school teacher you are ready to reach the life heights. If you were the school teacher you will have a happy marriage life.

Being late for school shows that you are late with your everyday responsibilities in real life. To answer a lesson will bring you some life tests. If you were not ready for the lesson it, on the opposite, means you are ready for life trials. Some dreambooks think that images of school advise you to be more restrained in order to avoid unnecessary gossip. Some dreambooks think that not knowing the answers when asked at school is a sign of your weak position in reality. Another interpretation of a school dream is that you miss your first love and those emotions and will not mind meeting your ex-beloved again.

A school with pupils is a symbol of welfare. Children leaving school predict a quarrel.If you dreamed of a school principal, this means someone strenuously controls you: either your spouse or your direct superior. Talking to the school principal in a dream - you have a great chance to get a new job or promotion.

School children playing in the yard - to your career advancement. Being at the school of your childhood in a dream means to return to the memories of the past. Something long forgotten will become the most important thing in your life. In addition, some annoying incident could cloud your life. Teaching at school in a dream means doing the humanities

If adults came to school and sat down at their desks - you did not learn from your mistakes. School personalizes the life in which we pass our lessons. Learning these lessons contributes to our development and spiritual growth. To be in the school of your childhood is to be depressed for the time that has already left. Being a student in an unfamiliar school - some mistakes complicate your life. Getting lost in school is to have vague plans. Not finding your place in the class - you are too scattered, take a lot of responsibilities.

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