What Dream About Scoring A Goal Means

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Scoring A Goal Dream Meaning

Did you happen to score a goal in the night dream game? In a dream, this is a sign of an insignificant victory in a case that you recently planned. Why else one dreams of such a wonderful story? Dream Interpretation presents the most relevant transcripts.

Why do you dream about playing a ball and scoring a goal? The dream interpretation foresees property and other disputes in which you will be able to prove your rightness. The games themselves in this case reflect the rapid change of events or circumstances.

But playing and winning in a dream on computer simulations in a dream is much worse. This means that you are overly busy with your own personality, or you live not your real life, but your own fantasies.

According to Miller, to play some kind of game yourself in a dream – means personal participation in a certain event. To see that the other player managed to score a goal, according to the dream book, means observing how others achieve success.

    The dream books remind: the interpretation of a dream should be based on the features of the game. Indeed, in a dream, the gameplay reflects real events, in particular, any current relationships (business, romantic, intra-family, etc.).
  • Board game - pleasant entertainment, waste of resources.
  • Computer game - escape from reality, hidden potential.
  • Professional game - success at work, professional activity.
  • Street game - a prank, a joke.

Did you have a dream how you managed to score a goal, playing football on the street? You have the ability to manipulate others at your discretion, without even knowing about your own abilities.

Football itself reflects in a dream the work in a team and if it was a dream that you personally scored a goal, then the dream book suggests that in reality you may have to become a leader.

Watching the soccer game, for example, at a stadium or on TV, means that you will have to observe the correct execution of a task, but you can’t practically influence its course.

What is the meaning of hockey game seen in a dream? In reality, you will earn the respect of others. If you could not score a goal in a dream, then get ready for a fateful combination of circumstances.

Hockey can be seen by married dreamers as a sign of domestic disagreement, in which your word will be the last. To everyone else, the dream book guarantees various quarrels and disputes with the same result.

Why do you dream that the ball flew right into the goal? The dream book promises a slight improvement in material condition due to a successful transaction or competent move.

Remember how exactly you happened to score a goal in a dream. The subtle nuances of dribbling will help determine what can be done in reality.

If you happened to see how other people hit the goal, this means you will come up with an idea or project, but other people, perhaps colleagues or subordinates, will implement them.

If you dreamed that you are a skilled goalkeeper, and no one can score a goal, the dream interpretation is sure: you are a very insightful person, able to notice the danger in advance.

In a dream, did you skilfully hit the ball with your head? You will make an unexpected act, perhaps even a mad act, but it will certainly lead you to well-deserved happiness.

Why do dream that you constantly missed goals and lost? You literally soar in the clouds, forgetting about business and problems.