What Dream About Sapphire Means

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Sapphire Dream Meaning

Sapphire is a very cute gemstone that does not leave anyone indifferent. To see it in a dream is a symbol of temptation, most popular interpreters of dreams predict.

If you dreamed of sapphire, rejoice! This means that you will be lucky in some kind of game. But when making bets, remember that the real winner is someone who knows how to stop in time, the dream book of the famous psychologist G. Miller reminds.

Does a woman dream of a dark-blue gem? A dream can be called a warning. She needs to show more attention to her lover, because it is likely that her opponent will be able to seduce him.

Seeing the massive ring with sapphire on your finger – predicts fatal love with bouts of unbridled passion, prophesies the dream book of Pastor Loff.

Elegant necklace with sapphires and a diamond - your feelings will be so strong that they will bring you and your loved one not so much happiness as mental anguish.

The sapphire earrings seen in the dream prophesy the dreamer futile struggle with his own feelings.

If you dreamed of a beautiful gold set which includes a ring, earrings and a necklace adorned with small and large sapphires – promises all-consuming and even sacrificial love for your chosen one.

Is it a dream that you are in a museum that displays an exhibition of art objects encrusted with sapphires? The interpretation of a dream is the following: do not make rash purchases, otherwise you will remain “aground”.

Seeing a picture or a panel made of sapphire chips with your own hands promises a minor expense, Lunar Dreambook predicts.

If you dreamed that your furniture was decorated with beautiful stones of blue color – this is a sign of very large purchases. Before you make these purchases, think about whether you need them.

Admiring the sapphire crafts in the jewelry workshop and eventually buying something – predicts joy and fun.

If in dreams you saw yourself as a seller of items with sapphires, this means vices, temptations and troubles associated with them are waiting for you, Miss Hasse predicts.

To find an uncut dark blue mineral in a dream – means you should reconsider your behavior. You need peace of mind that you do not have.

And if you are lucky enough to find a sapphire ring in a dream, you will meet a person who will change your idea of life.

If the woman dreamed that her husband gave her a golden ring with sapphire and a diamond on the day of the conception of their child - a very personal, we can say intimate, wish will come true, the Eastern Dream Book promises.

For a man to receive a signet with sapphires as a present from his beloved – means success in love; and if cufflinks were presented – this means successful business or work related matters.