What Dream About Turning On The Light Means

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Turning On The Light Dream Meaning

If you were lucky to turn on the light in your dream, then in reality you will be able to find a way out of an incredibly difficult situation.

Darkness in a dream is a symbolic reflection of the spiritual darkness that reigns in the soul. Darkness also personifies a hopeless situation, uncertainty, ignorance or delusions. If you managed to turn on any lighting device in darkness, you will soon find a way to cope with all these difficulties.

Turning on the light in the room is a promise of grand celebration at your place.

Electric light symbolizes getting important information and revealing secrets. And this will happen thanks to an excessively talkative girlfriends.

If you turn on the light in the room, then some kind of deception or intricate intrigues of those whom you considered the closest people will be revealed.

If you press the light switch and the bright stream illuminated only you, this is a sign of awareness, disclosure of secret knowledge and spiritual development.

Miller, in his dream book, says that seeing any source of light in a dream means that a new business will bring profit very soon.

If you turned on the light, but the light bulb exploded, this means that enemies and friends will unite against you.

If the lamp went out immediately, a great misfortune is coming. If you saw it fading out slowly, the situation in reality will come to a standstill.

  • Bright light symbolizes wealth, good luck.
  • Dim - a slight, but steady advancing.
  • Flickering - plans that will not materialize.
  • Golden light - joy.
  • White, day light- understanding, guess.
  • Bluish - anxiety.
  • Red shade light - alert.

If you tried to turn on the light, but couldn’t do it, this symbol means you need protection and support.