What Dream About Turkey Means

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Turkey Dream Meaning

What it means if you see a turkey in a dream? According to the symbolism of dreams, a turkey is a symbol of arrogance and pomp. Knowing this, it is not difficult to guess what the turkey represents in dreams: this huge bird seen in a dream symbolizes the arrogance and pride of a sleeping person.

Seeing a black turkey that is proudly walking among other birds in a dream is a good sign for those who do business. Miller's dream book prophesies that the sleeper will succeed in business negotiations and signing of a contract.

If you dreamed of little turkeypoults running around the bird's yard – this is a symbol of small but constant profit.

If you dream that you are watching a white bird trying to make with a black turkey – this means that in the next few days the money will “stick” to you. Do not miss the moment to get rich, the Modern dream book advises.

What is the meaning of a dream when you were attacked by a turkey? If there is a dream that a turkey is attacking you - in reality, you will encounter hostility towards some people.

To see in a dream that a flock of turkeys attacks and bites you – means you should be very careful, your enemies are determined in a decisive way, the dream book of Vanga warns.

If you dreamed that you were attacked by small turkey poults - it will not be difficult for you to get rid of your competitors, they are children compared to you.

If you dream that you see numerous bites on your legs left by hungry and evil turkey birds – this means envious people will not do you any significant harm, but they will make you worry a lot.

If in a dream you are running away from a turkey chasing you: if you ran away – in the fight against competitors you will win; if it caught you up – this means defeat.

What it means to pluck a turkey in a dream? If you dreamed that you killed a turkey and are now plucking it – good news will save you from a bad mood, though not for long.

To cook a turkey dish in a dream and eat it – means you should wait for the good news related to work, the Eastern Dream Book predicts.

Frying a turkey on a skewer on a spit over a fire – means that in reality you have to arrange a fun feast with friends for some holiday.

To dream of a lot of dead turkeys – means you should pay attention to your health; if it is still in order - take preventive measures, if you are already sick - contact a specialist.

If you dreamed that a large number of birds fell ill in your poultry yard: turkeys, chickens, ducks, geese – in real life you will experience a noticeable blow to your vanity, which will bring you nervous strain and shock.

Killing a sick turkey in a dream means that if you don’t start treating a mild illness, you won’t be able to avoid a hospital bed, Miss Hasse predicts.

Feeding a large turkey in order to sell it is a sign that work will please you with good earnings, the Spring Dream Book predicts.

To buy a black turkey in a dream – means you will have to work really hard, but it will be worth it, the income will be very decent. The white bird is a sign of easy and low-paying work.

Selling a large turkey in a dream – means you will be assigned an interesting task, which you should not refuse.