What Dream About Television Means

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Television Dream Meaning

Television is a miracle invention of the 20th century. At the beginning of its "life's journey" it was a very expensive pleasure, and many could not afford it. Today you will hardly surprise anyone with the “blue screen box”. A TV-set is seen in every home, and often not only one. They watch films using them, conduct conversations with them, fall asleep watching TVs. And here they sometimes do not stand aside. Some people continue watching it even in their dream.

What does it mean if you watched TV in a dream? If you dreamed that you were watching an old black-and-white TV – means mistakes of the past will make themselves felt soon.

Seeing in a dream a fuzzy image on the screen of an outdated telly is a symbol that your plans for an event are not clearly formulated, so it will be difficult for you to bring them to life. Put your thoughts in order, this will help you achieve what you want.

Watching the program on a broken TV set – is a sign that the envy of your colleagues hinders the realization of your professional ambitions. The dream interpretation recommends not letting anyone in your plans except friends.

If you dreamed of a large black and white TV set with clear, beautiful image and good sound – this is a sign of a pleasant meeting with an old school friend or childhood friend, Miller's dream book promises.

If you dream that a large plasma TV is working in the room, and you are listening to it, this means that in real life you will have to hear a lot of good things about yourself, but the dream book warns that these eulogies will be nothing more than flattery and toadying.

Watching movies on a large screen color TV in a dream means hearing good news. If you saw yourself on a color TV screen in a dream, this means that in real life you overreact to criticism of others. You need to learn to control your emotions.

Watching news on new TV and being dissatisfied with what you hear – is a sign that you pay too much attention to everything material.

If you had a dream that you are carrying an old TV to a landfill – this is a sign that you live only for today, easily getting rid of the old things. Do not forget that tomorrow you may need something from the past, Vanga's dream book recommends.

To see many broken TV sets near the garbage cans in a dream means you spend a lot of your time on nonsense. If you have a dream that you have broken the TV - you will have trouble at work.

If you had a dream in which you are trying to fix a broken TV - in reality some influential person is watching you. The dream book recommends that you show your best side so that the observer has a good impression, perhaps it will have an impact on your future career or financial stability.

A dream that you bought a new color TV predicts a pleasant evening with friends and family, the dream book promises. Buying an old retro-TV broadcaster heralds a renewal of old, long-forgotten connections.

If you dreamed that you were forced to sell your equipment, including the TV due to debts on loans - predicts loss of money due to your short-sightedness. The dream book warns you: you should think a hundred times or consult with your friends before investing your money somewhere.

If you dream that you stole a TV from a store - in reality you want to start a new life. But the dream book does not advise doing this, since after a while you will return to past habits and will only waste your time and energy.

If you dreamed that you received a TV as a gift - means purchasing something you really need, the Spring Dream Book predicts.

If you have a dream that you are giving a telly to one of your friends - the interpretation of this dream is as follows: you pay very little attention to your family.

To dream of stealing a TV from someone's apartment – is a sign that you need to watch what you say. You may be accused of gossiping.