What Dream About Telescope Means

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Telescope Dream Meaning

What a telescope symbolizes in your dream? The chance to see something hidden from prying eyes, something "veiled" is promised by a dream about telescope. And, as interpretations of dream books show, these discoveries have, for the most part, negative consequences. There are exceptions, though. In order not to be upset in vain, interpreters advise to clarify what every little thing you saw in a dream means.

The appearance of a telescope in a dream, according to Miller's dream book, means the onset of a not very favorable period in life. You will be disappointed in your friends, and your loved one will show himself/herself not from the best side.

Did you have a dream that you were observing the birth of a new galaxy through a telescope? Why such a phenomenon appears in a dream is explained the following way: there will be a miracle that will radically change the situation around you at the moment.

But to see the fading of a star in a dream means the impossibility and futility of the business begun.

All those who are interested in the meaning of a plot about observing the stars and planets, looking through a telescope, Pastor Loff's dream book refers to the deep meaning of this dream and explains it very simply: fascinating knowledge and new experience await you.

And there is such an interpretation in the Chinese dream book: looking through a telescope, looking for a specific celestial body, and finding it is a sign of the fulfillment of a long-standing dream of knowing the unknown. If you "translate" this interpretation of a dream into a simpler language, then it will mean a discovery that you have dreamed about for a long time.

You will receive completely different interpretations if in a dream you looked not through a telescope, but at it. So, for example, the Eastern dreambook talks about possible failures if you dreamed about a small telescope on a shelf in a retail store.

The Modern dream book speaks about the futility of plans and the illusory nature of intentions, explaining why one dreams of finding a working telescopic installation in an abandoned building. You should also expect either a trick from competitors, or the resumption of some unpleasant event for you.

A dream has a very unhappy interpretation if you dreamed of a broken telescope. According to the dream book of Nostradamus, this is a signal that your usual way of life will be disrupted due to your making the wrong decision.

And the Gypsy dream book talks about making mistakes as a result of incorrect conclusions, explaining what a telescopic tube with a broken lens predicts.

    In addition to observing space objects using a telescope, you can spy on something else, and not only in reality, in a dream it is also possible. And here's what observation promises:
  • watching the birds - means unexpectedly pleasant news and travel;
  • spying on people - you do not fully trust someone in your environment;
  • watching the missiles - the feeling of dissatisfaction with life due to overestimated ambitions is gnawing you;
  • looking at the underwater world - means you will be able to get to the bottom of something curious, hidden from outsiders.