What Dream About Telekinesis Means

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Telekinesis Dream Meaning

A dream about telekinesis is a warning that unexpected and surprising events await you, the dream books assure. But in order not to be mistaken in the interpretation of what this phenomenon means in a dream, it is worth remembering who exactly had superpowers in a dream: you or someone else.

Miller's dream book, explaining the dream of telekinesis that the dreamer possesses in a dream, claims that such a plot means that a sleeping person has high potential. Whatever you undertake, the interpreter predicts, will lead you to success, the main thing is to think over every detail.

And if you dreamed that you are at a show in a circus where a magician moves objects through the air, then such a vision may mean hidden troubles that a competitor or rival is preparing for you.

Modern dream book does not share the opinion of the previous interpreter of dreams. This oracle is sure that telekinesis in a dream speaks of serious losses, the reasons for which will be so ridiculous that they will cause not so much worries as surprise. But this interpretation of a dream is relevant only for the male dreamer.

But for a woman the dream books, including the Modern one, predict good luck, thanks to her intuition, if she dreamed that she had such a superpower as moving the objects at distance.

All those who dreamed that they are trying to learn this skill should think about changing their profession. Most likely, you are doing the wrong business.

A dream in which you are a viewer admiring the unique abilities of telekinetic suggests the need to "get hold of" information. In the near future, your career and future success will depend on how much knowledge you possess.

Do you often see in a dream how someone demonstrates to you the ability of psychokinesis? Such a plot is a hint: someone is trying to either find out secret information from you, or mislead you, making a lie look like truth, Miss Hasse's dream book predicts. Moreover, the degree of your interest in the matter depends on how often you see this in a dream: the more often you dream of a telekinesis demonstration by someone else, the more impact the subsequent events will have on your life.

Why do you dream that you see an object "floating" in the air, but do not see the one who does it? This vision testifies to the possible duplicity of someone from your environment, the Chinese dream book upsets.

But the Italian interpreter of dreams predicts that your friends will be offended by you, because you will not be sincere with them to the end, if you dreamed of contemplating the phenomenon of telekinesis without the "mover" himself.

    If you dream of telekinesis all the time, the dream books recommend remembering what exactly was exposed and finding out what each specific case means. So, in a dream someone moved:
  • dishes - a quarrel with household members;
  • furniture - you will be forced to change your place of residence;
  • an animal - someone close to you needs help;
  • a person - new acquaintances;
  • money or jewelry - you will lose control over spending.