What Dream About Talking Parrot Means

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Talking Parrot Dream Meaning

Speaking parrot seen in a dream is a symbol of empty talking, gossip and intrigues. Such image warns of empty pursuits, reckless actions or statements. Sometimes a parrot who is talking has positive interpretation: you will receive good news or visit and interesting event.

    Te dream details will give you better interpretation of the image. So, if the parrot:
  • chatted incessantly — empty pursuits;
  • it spoke rarely, but he pronounced the words exactly - remember them and decipher, this may be useful;
  • shouted curses - gossip, slander about you;
  • shouted indistinctly - there will be envious people capable of doing harm;
  • was silent - silence and peace in family life;
  • bit you in a dream - suffer from evil gossip;
  • rushed around the cell and shouted - you will need to refute false information.

According to Miller, if you saw a dream about speaking parrot, you should think whether you fully fulfill your obligations, and do not let yourself too much frivolity.

If you happened to teach a parrot to talk in a dream, this means you can bring troubles into your personal life with your own rash speeches or actions.

Seeing a speaking parrot in a dream also means that someone's reckless remarks will strongly interfere with the dreamer. It also means that there is a stupid, but very stinging person in your surrounding.

If you saw a red talking parrot in a dream, this means that a person, whom you trust a lot, is spreading gossip about your personal life. A parrot with bright feathers signing songs is a sign that your colleagues are spreading intrigues behind your back.

A big speaking ara parrot in a dream represents human stupidity. Try to think your actions over in order not to dishonor yourself in the eyes of others.

A dream about budgerigar repeating your words is a warning: one of the colleagues will convey your words to your boss and distort their meaning. This plot also means that you are helping the wrong person in real life. Someone is using your thoughts and ideas to achieve his goals.

If you saw two birds chatting in a cage, this image represents a union that has nothing except for discussing superficial topics.

A speaking parrot also means you will soon receive good news will raise your mood for a long time. You can also visit a big event where you can meet a lot of your acquaintances.

If you saw this bird in your house and it acted peacefully and entertained you, this image predicts a happy family life.