What Dream About Tablecloth Means

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Tablecloth Dream Meaning

Both old and modern dreambooks consider tablecloth a symbol of hospitality and generosity. Seeing a dirty tablecloth in your dream signifies disobedience and quarrels. All the dreams with white tablecloth present are connected with marriage life. For lonely people white cloth brings new relations, for married couples the dream brings changes for better.

The cleaner the tablecloth was in your dream, the purer your relations with your partner are. If you dreamt about a tablecloth with the stains from sweets on it it means you are too easy-going with entertainments and do not pay much attention to your reputation. A sudden appearance of a red tablecloth in your dream predicts sudden passion and unexpected relations in real life. A tablecloth red from wine stains warns the dreamer about some accidents. A green tablecloth shows your self-assurance, you can have a winning at the casino soon. A new table cloth in a dream symbolizes the kindness and hospitality of the lady. A dream about a tablecloth with some defect is an unfavorable sign for newlyweds, it means there is deceit and dishonesty in your couple.