What Dream About Urinating Means

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Urinating Dream Meaning

Depending on the circumstances, urinating in a dream can either be prophetic or reflect dangerous changes in the body. Many dreambooks are paying attention to this topic, and, explaining why we dream about urination, in some moments show surprising unanimity.

In general terms, a dream indicates release from accumulated aggression, preparation for a new stage of personal growth.

Urine in a dream is a symbol of a fiery, demonic beginning. Its excess increases energy to the level when activity develops into rage. Peeing with relief in a dream personifies liberation from black thoughts and bitterness. Internal cleansing prepares a person for a new level - prosperity and goodness.

In his dreambook Freud gives his interpretation of what it means to urinate with a feeling of bliss in a dream - a person will be freed from his complexes.

Dream about difficult, painful urination foretells a new appointment. Such image also means that a person has serious problems with the condition of the urogenital system. He should definitely visit a doctor.

According to Miller’s dreambook, urine reflects the body’s fatigue, urinating - foreshadows diseases. Muddy urine leads to a serious illness, and urinating blood causes the illness of someone of blood relatives.

According to Vanga, complexes, the desire to dominate, are reflected in dreams, where the dreamer defiantly urinates in public. If this happens at work, it means that the person seeks to get the highest position and the best equipment. If at home – he intends to use someone else's property. In fact, he will experience unforeseen difficulties, failures.

If the dreamer was urinating on another person in a dream, it results from the desire to humiliate him in real life. In reality it will result in a fierce quarrel, confrontation with a person whom the dreamer perceives as an opponent.

Wetting the bed in a dream is a reflection of feelings of guilt and anxiety that goes into a dream where a person feels guilty in an awkward situation. This dream also means you have to sort out your feelings and thoughts.

A dream about enuresis means that a person is too tired to cope with his work and needs vacation.

The place where you were peeing in a dream also plays an important role in image interpretation. If you did it somewhere in secret this plot predicts a stupid bad act. To urinate on the floor, according to the dreambooks, is a sign of strengthening your financial position.

If a person saw how he urinated in a bucket or pot in a dream, this means he got into serious trouble.

If the dreamer urinates into the toilet, he is predicted a new high position. A dream of urinating in the toilet in a dream can also predict a love date.