What Dream About Volcano Eruption Means

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Volcano Eruption Dream Meaning

A volcano eruption in a dream foreshadows a storm of emotions (often negative), the upcoming troubles, a warning to show more prudence in business management. The dreambooks also give another interpretation of the plot: a hot, giddy romance capable of capturing the dreamer completely.

Volcano eruption seen in a dream often predicts unrestrained wild emotions that knock everything out of their way. The dreambooks are warning that you should remember about consequences: it can be difficult to correct the damage to yourself and others.

If you were standing near an erupting volcano in a dream, this means there is a way out of a tricky and difficult situation. A person needs to show attention, benevolence, compassion for his surroundings.

If you saw lava flowing quietly this means that important life changes are taking place unseen. Nevertheless, they will influence the dreamer’s life a lot.

Seeing an eruption of volcano in a dream means that suddenly discovered or arisen circumstances will change the dreamer's plans.

If lava and stones were streaming and flying in your direction, the dreambooks are warning about significant life changes. In order to avoid the possible negative consequences, you should be more attentive to people around you.

Dr. Freud predicts a passionate love affair is you saw an erupting volcano in your dream. A dormant volcano is a sign of losing interest to your partner, temporary time-out in relations or complete breaking up.

Such plot is also a symbol of quarrels and misunderstandings and shows that the dreamer can not restrain himself. You should definitely learn how to take your feelings under control.

If you saw that the natural disaster ruined your house in your dream, this image means you should pay more attention to relations with your partner, otherwise flirting or cheating will ruin your family.

If you were trying to hide from volcano eruption, this means you are trying to avoid conflicts and showdown.

To walk on the cooled lava in a dream means: the passions that are boiling rapidly now will soon subside. A period of prosperous, peaceful life will begin.

If you were plunging into lava, the dreambooks recommend exercise more sanity and avoid credulity when making important decisions.

If you saw clouds of ash arise at the eruption, this means you can not trust your business partners.

An erupting volcano means it is necessary to try to make peace with opponents, not to bring the situation to an open confrontation, since this can bring very sad results.