What Dream About Virus Means

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Virus Dream Meaning

A virus symbolizes hardships, obstacles, activation of new foes and rivals. This night plot can predict victory over your enemies and overcoming the difficulties. If you had a dream that you caught a virus of flu, this plot predicts strong health.

    The details of your dream can get you better understanding of the night plot:
  • If you somehow managed to see microbes – you will show pettiness and will make others laugh at you;
  • Catching a virus and getting sick – you will have unpleasant changes;
  • If you know who infected you – this person will cause you troubles soon;
  • If you got cured from infection fast – you will be able to overcome the coming obstacles.

A dream about virus illness caused by infection warns about unexpected difficulties in already started endeavor. There is no need to panic, it is better to try solving the problem. If you managed to see the smallest viruses in a dream, this plot means you are paying too much attention to meaningless things. You should take a general look at the whole situation.

If your relative turned to be ill with virus infection and you were afraid to get sick too, this dream means you will have difficult choice somehow connected with this person. Your future life will depend on the decision that you make. If you had a dream that you got hepatitis virus and jaundice, this plot means that all the troubling problems will be solved easily soon. If someone else got jaundice in a dream, your partners will let you down and you will not succeed.