What Dream About Winter Means

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Winter Dream Meaning

Cold and winter always come together and this time of a year causes gloom and melancholy. Seeing this season in a dream symbolizes period when everything freezes, does not develop and grow. Not all dreams about winter have negative interpretation. If you are born in autumn, a dream about winter is a sign of short but very wild passion that will be one of your most bright impressions in life. Women’s dreambook interprets plots about winter as health problems, malfunctions in all organs that will lead to stress and losing hope to get better. If you are born in summer, the meaning of the dream is not favorable as well. Your health is under threat; you will have a long illness, not very serious but exhausting and causing a lot of inconvenience.

Other dreambooks consider winter a symbol of beginning, the birth of something new and having positive interpretation; winter seen in a dream in any other season predicts improvements in financial sphere.

According to Miller, dreams about winter can have subconscious interpretation: maybe you have done hard work recently and the night plot shows that you are not satisfied with its results. French dream interpreters think that if you see a real beautiful winter with lots of snow, snowdrifts and heavy frost, this means you have been touched by God himself and you will be successful in all your beginnings. Seeing a dream about winter in summer time has a positive interpretation: you will soon get promotion or you will get a big winning, your financial situation will be much improved.

Trees in blossom in winter predict great luck, falling in love and happy moments. But every joyful event can be spoiled with small obstacle. You can expect new accomplishments if you had a dream about bathing in winter: a completely white landscape is a symbol of purity and beginning of a new path, clear ice-cold water is a sign of freedom and independence and this together makes a very favorable prediction.

A dream about rain in winter is a symbol of getting good news. If it was a rain shower with lightning, besides the good news you will receive financial reward. If the dreamer was sliding in winter in his dream, this shows his depressive mood, gloom and unwillingness to act. If a young man sees a dream about winter out of season, he will be unhappy in his first marriage – his wife will be angry and quarrelsome. The same dream promises a long-awaited rest and repose for young women. A dream about winter in summer warns a mature married man about big fright; the same dream predicts raise of salary for a married woman.