What Dream About Wine Means

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Wine Dream Meaning

If you were drinking wine or just saw wine cellars in a night plot, the dreambooks promise a joyful party and incredible luck. This favorable symbol is a promise of your wishes coming true and positive life changes.

The dream is related to such spheres as love, relations, welfare, family and acquaintance with authoritative people. The only danger that can wait for the dreamer who saw a dream about wine is his own greed. Feeling the euphoria of permissiveness it is so easy to cross the line and purchasing unnecessary things.

Drinking red wine in a dream is associated with being popular with the opposite sex. But still you should know your measure in personal life as well otherwise there can be big confusion.

A bottle of wine seen in a dream is a symbol of pleasure and romantic adventures. Even in a burst of passion behave prudently, avoid doubtful situations.

If you happened to drink wine at someone else’s expense, the dreambooks recommend keeping your mouth shut. There are many people who envy you in your surrounding and they would like to know your secrets in order to harm you.

If you were treating someone with wine, the dream can be taken literally: you will soon have to arrange banquet in real life. It is possible that the reason for the banquet will be the funeral of a distant relative or not very close friend.

If you happened to buy collection wine in a dream, this plot is a promise of sudden financial support. You will possibly spend the money that you will receive for vacation, entertainment and pleasure.

Barrels full of wine symbolize luxury and abundance. If you pour the wine in glasses, you will travel to pleasant places. A female dreamer can count on a successful marriage if she sees such plot.

Drinking white wine in a dream can mean two things: either you can not resist the temptations or you are the tempter yourself. Anyway you will not be bored: you will take part in a great intrigue.

Spilling wine in a dream is both a favorable sign and reminder. Fate prepared a valuable present for you and you should treat it very carefully. If you break your happiness by negligence, you will have a black stripe in your life.

If you were pouring wine for someone in a dream, this can mean you will have a good bargain, or career promotion; a young girl can be expecting getting long-awaited proposal from a rich fiancée.

Dreams about wine can reflect current situation in your life. If you are a lover of having a glass of wine, the dreambooks recommend abstaining drinking now, especially during important negotiations or signing contracts.

Spilling red wine is a hint that your lovingness goes all the way. Your ill-wishers are always glad to spread slander about you to ruin your reputation.