What Dream About White Snake Means

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White Snake Dream Meaning

Of all the reptiles seen in a dream, the white snake is endowed with the most ambiguous interpretation. According to the dream interpreters dreams about white color reptiles can be a symbol of good luck or a harbinger of health problems.

According to Medea’s dreambook, a big white snake personifies the various types of vital energy (spiritual, sexual) that need to be adjusted. To see a white snake playing is a symbol of danger of succumbing to sexual temptation. A reptile bite foreshadows treason, deceit or illness.

The viper, who was seen in the house in a dream promises troubles that may occur in the dwelling during your absence. If the apartment is filled with small and not poisonous white snakes, it means that in real life, you will give a warm welcome to people who will provoke you to vile and ignoble deeds with their slander and intrigues.

To see young serpents in the egg, predicts unexpected consequences of actions committed earlier, and also warns about intrigues of ill-wishers.

Watching children play with small snakes in a dream is a symbol saying about the dreamer’s confusion and his not being able to tell a friend from a foe. If you dreamed that snakes were attacking a child – this is a reminder that omissions in raising your children could have a detrimental effect on their future.

According to Dr. Freud, any reptile in a dream symbolizes a penis. To a man, such an image predicts a risk of being subjected to homosexual relations.

A white snake, coiled in a dream represents the wish for self-satisfaction. Running away from a white reptile shows the person’s unwillingness or fear to solve the problems of an intimate nature. Chasing a snake represents the dreamer's great ability to lead an active sex life.

According to the Islamic interpreter, to see a tamed or obedient reptile suggests the possibility of acquiring property. Grishina’s dreambook promises strange luck, which brings the dreamer easy money if he saw a dream about white snake.

According to the Chinese dreambook, if a white snake bites a person in a dream, this Image predicts gaining sudden wealth.

Seeing a snake in the water, during its passing through the reservoir or bathing, promises success that follows after a minor series of worries.

Holding a big white snake in your hands represents the right strategy of behavior that you have chosen against your enemies.

Killing a big white snake in a dream is considered a favorable sign, telling about an irrefutable victory over enemies. If you dreamed that the viper had bitten you, it means that you would suffer greatly from slander and evil tongues, some dreambooks think.

Watching white snakes twist and attack others foreshadows struggle for existence, and as a result, an internal war with remorse of conscience, Miller says.

The Noble dream book of N. Grishina explains why someone dreams about a small white snake with strange luck that will bring big and easy money.

If you happened to jump over a white snake, this image talks about luck in difficult and intricate matters.

Cooking a snake skin decoction in a dream book shows the need to visit traditional healers in order to gain health or to cure a loved one.

A huge white snake, squeezing the person’s neck, foreshadows the fight against a serious illness that will hit the dreamer or his family members.

A ball of snakes symbolizes discord, loss of harmony and inner worldview of the dreamer.

If a man dreamed of a snake that was following him, should be ready for his wife’s adultery. The plot warns of a rival if seen by a woman.

A Russian dreambook promises a coming date if you were bitten by a white snake in a dream.

What are the superstitions and omens about snakes in your house? Is it a good or bad sign if a snake crawls into your place?