What Dream About White Shoes Means

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White Shoes Dream Meaning

White shoes seen in a dream promise dating, a good life period, romantic relationships. But sometimes such symbol warns of the need to behave more carefully with unfamiliar men.

New white shoes seen in a dream predict acquaintance with a person of the opposite sex. If a young girl sees new beautiful white shoes, this image predicts interesting communication with a young man.

If you see a pair of high heel white shoes, it means it will be necessary to make every effort, dedication, to achieve the desired soon. Round-shaped heel shoes indicate: the dreamer has the abilities of a diplomat, the ability to negotiate with people, avoid conflicts, can easily explain any things.

Beautiful shoes on high heels can also mean that you will soon have a romantic evening that will bring a lot of pleasure.

Seeing a dream about wedding shoes means you will soon meet a man who can become your husband; if you already have a couple, you can be expecting marriage proposal soon.

If a married woman sees wedding shoes in a dream, this image promises meeting with her first love or the resurrection of romantic feelings, which she considered extinct.

If a woman put on wedding shoes but they turned to be small, this means she can be mistaken in her choice of the groom. If they contrasted in style, fashion, shade with the wedding dress - the marriage will be unequal.

Wearing white high-heel model shoes in a dream means you will be the focus of men, among whom will be the one who you like.

If a woman sees white men's shoes in a dream this means that she has a secret admirer who is shy or not ready to reveal his feelings to her. If a man has a dream about white women’s shoes, this plot predicts meeting his beloved one soon.

A dream where a young man bought white women’s shoes means he would like to take the relations with his girlfriend to new level.

To see worn white shoes in a dream means: past feelings have not died away and still have power over you. Buying white shoes in a dream predicts changes in any sphere of your life.

    Some dreambooks give dreams interpretation depending on your actions with shoes:
  • to try them on in the store - someone's envy;
  • buy - a date is waiting for you;
  • wear - well-being;
  • lose - a loved one will get away from you;
  • throw away - you will stop your relationship with your partner.

If a woman got white shoes as a gift in a dream, this means she will have an new admirer who will conquer her heart. To give them to a man means: you will make a very strong impression on him with some extraordinary act.