What Dream About Waterfall Means

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Waterfall Dream Meaning

Dreams with waterfalls are usually reverse ones - you should interpret the vision you see the opposite way. If the vision of the magnificent waterfall frightened you in a dream there is no reason to worry, you are often exaggerating the meaningful of some events. If you enjoyed the image of the waterwall you should be more attentive in real life, your optimism is on the edge of carelessness.

Dreambooks think that the waterfalls you see are the mirror reflection of the feelings you have most of the time. Your weak and strong sides change places, what scares you at night can turn to be a pleasant surprise in real life. Too much happiness seeing a waterfall can be considered a warning. You can make a mistake in the nearest future and there will be no one to blame except for you. If your dream frightens you and besides that the water looks dirty and unclear it means you prefer to run from your problems, but not solving them. Waterfalls can be messengers of some important events that will change your life.

If you not only saw but also heard the waterfall in a dream you will soon hear the astonishing news that will either be about you or will be somehow connected with you. This news will mostly probable be positive and will influence you a lot. If you were happily falling from the waterfall in your dream it is good that you are an optimistic person but do not forget that you have to control your life at least from time to time or someone else will be doing this instead of you. If you were frightened by falling from the waterfall this dream is a reflection of your real worries. There is no need to be so emotional about the events that might not even take place or will have no negative consequences.

According to Miller such unruled phenomenon as a waterfall in your dream shows your ability to hold and restrain yourself in real life. In a coming uneasy situation you will be one of the few who managed to keep his composure and find the way to solve the issue. If you saw a dream about waterfall you will have the meeting you tried to avoid so much in reality.