What Dream About Washing Hair Means

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Washing Hair Dream Meaning

If you had a dream about washing your hair, the dream interpreters state that you will have life changes, getting rid of everything unnecessary and develop in professional sphere. But sometimes such plot seen in a dream is a warning about mistakes, intrigues or illness.

A dream about washed hair is reassuring: you will fix the opinion of your acquaintances about you. You may help somebody or make a deed that will improve your reputation.

If you saw your own washed lush hair in a dream, this is a symbol of prosperity and luck in your beginnings. If you were washing your hair in a dream, you will win respect and authority among people who surround you.

Washing your hair wish shampoo means you will have to risk for someone you care about. You should better calculate all the risks and consequences. Using shampoo in a dream can also mean that unfamiliar people will involve you in a dangerous situation. This is also a sign that being busy all the time and life routine can lead to your dissatisfaction with yourself.

Washing your hair with warm water in a dream means you will get rid of all unnecessary or superfluous, and bring your thoughts in order.

If you saw a dream about washing and dyeing your hair, this means there is time for changes. You should bring something new into your routine days. Dyeing strands of hair in your dream is a promise that you will get acquainted with a person, about whom you will care a lot. Bleaching your hair in a dream predicts pleasant changes.

    The dreambooks give interpretation of the plots depending on whose hair you washed:
  • Your own – there will be positive changes, the problems will be solved;
  • You child’s hair – pleasant moments with children;
  • Your sister’s hair – you will help her somehow;
  • Another person’s hair – you will have a quarrel with him soon;
  • Deadman’s hair – worsening of your health.

If you were washing another person’s hair in a dream, this can be a warning that you will get acquainted with a hypocritical person who will try to use you in his own purposes. Another interpretation of this image is that you will suffer from unrequited love. The object of your passion, knowing about your feelings, will either mock you or not notice you at all.

According to Miller, washing your hair in a dream means you will do reasonable acts, guided by common sense. This will eventually bring good results.

If you were washing dirty hair and felt relieved in a dream, you will get rid of the negative that doesn’t let you live normally.

If you washed your hair under the tap this means your boss will approve your new ideas and this will lead to career growth.

If you washed hair in a bathhouse this is not a very favorable sign: one of the members of your family will get seriously ill. Unwashed hair with dirty water running through when you tried to put it in order is a sign of gossip spread by your ill-wishers.

If the water became clean after you washed dirty hair, this symbol means you make a great job that will bring good results.

Washing long hair in a dream means you will soon feel a burst of energy. This can also be a symbol of getting a present from your friend or someone close to you. Washing and brushing your long hair in a dream means you will revise you thoughts and views soon.