What Dream About X-ray Means

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X-ray Dream Meaning

Such a simple medical procedure as X-ray literally calls you to get to the very point of the problem, to look into the essence of stuff and even look inside yourself. According to Miller, this dream reflects your wish to find more about yourself or the person you are very close with. If you received appointment for X-ray research, the dreambooks think you have an opportunity to find out the reasons for some circumstances soon.

Sometimes X-ray in your dream may be a direct indication of a starting disease. If the X-ray research didn’t show any negative factors, the dream means that you have nothing to worry about, you definitely do not have a serious illness. But if you saw black spots on the X-ray or the doctor made a conclusion about some disease in your dream, this is a serious sign. There is a threat of some serious illness or accident. If the research went well in a dream, you can expect big changes in future. If you see an X-ray picture of your arm or leg there is high possibility that you will break something.

    Besides that you can judge about the dream definition by the organs that were researched:
  • heart – romantic adventure
  • digestion system – stability of your position
  • liver – fixing your mistakes, patience
  • lungs – lack of vital energy
  • the x-ray shot of the whole body – you can find out about someone’s death.

If the research found tumor or tuberculosis, you should be prepared for a number of problems and obstacles out of nowhere. The same dream plot make an unmarried lady think well about marriage or her current relations. Seeing other people in the queue to X-ray means you are wasting your time.