What Dream About Your Portrait Means

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Your Portrait Dream Meaning

Not everyone happens to see his own portrait in a dream. However, the dream book considers this vision prophetic and advises approaching its decoding with all responsibility. So why is such an unusual phenomenon seen in a dream?

One's own portrait in a dream symbolizes the person himself. Moreover, it does not matter at all whether it will be a photograph, a watercolor or just a pencil sketch.

The portrait conveys two points: who the dreamer really is, or how he wants to be seen by others. A sober look will help you better understand your own nature and understand yourself.

Your personal feelings in a dream will help finding out why your portrait is seen in a dream. At the same time, the dream book assures that all feelings and emotions should be taken literally.

If you dreamed that your portrait aroused pride - in reality you will do something that you will be proud of. Anger or annoyance – means you will clearly be dissatisfied with yourself.

Did the image evoke warm and calm emotions? This means a quiet family life without too many surprises awaits you. Have you experienced nothing but disappointment? The dream interpretation thinks that you do not consider yourself capable of decisive action.

Very often, a personal portrait reflects the future or memories of the past. Here the dream book recommends paying attention to age.

If you dreamed that you were captured in your youth or young years in a picture or photo, this means you are tormented by nostalgia in reality. If you saw yourself in old age, this means you will live to old age.

The picture itself requires close consideration. If it is outwardly beautiful and light in the original frame, then life will be just as pleasant and cloudless. Dull, shabby and ugly portrait has the opposite meaning.

Very often, your own portrait can be seen in a dream as a sign of an impending disaster. It can be a disease, an accident, or just a particularly difficult period in life.

It is important to consider your facial expression in the portrait. The sadder and more tragic it is, the worse the circumstances will be in the future.

In addition, the dream book recommends that you immediately take care of your own health and ensure safety at home, on the road and other places.

Miller's dream book offers an interesting interpretation of such a dream. He believes that seeing your portrait in a dream means that in the real world you can bring worries to others and harm yourself with your actions and behavior.

On the other hand, if you dreamed that you were carefully and meticulously examining a personal portrait, this means that in the real world you pay too much attention to your person, forgetting that there are other people nearby.

But careless attitude to the image suggests that you are unhappy with almost everything. Starting from your appearance and work and ending with relationships with colleagues and loved ones. Such a dream provides a reason to reconsider your views and change them.

Why do you dream of various actions with a portrait? If you had a dream that you drew yourself, this means you are trying to acquire exceptional qualities in reality. Have you posed for an artist? This means you flaunt too much in front of others.

Why do you dream of losing or even tearing your portrait in a dream? These are very bad signs. The dream book advises to prepare for serious troubles and remember the concepts of conscience, honor and dignity.

In any case, the dream should be perceived as a hint given to you from above. And you cannot neglect such attention.

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