What Dream About Your Parents’ Wedding Means

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Your Parents’ Wedding Dream Meaning

What is the meaning of a dream about your parents getting married again? Your parents’ wedding in a dream is a symbol of love and harmony in the family. It also predicts longevity for them.

Seeing your mom and dad getting prepared for the wedding in a dream is a sign of pleasant news.

To see how a mother marries another man – means a successful completion of affairs.

If you saw the wedding of your parents who are married in waking life, this dream image predicts a joyful event.

    Top-5 negative meanings of your parents getting married in a dream:
  • The wedding of your deceased parents in a dream is a sign of vain hopes.
  • If you dreamed that they were dressed in dark clothes, this is a symbol of disease.
  • A quarrel during the wedding ceremony – means deception on the part of your partner.
  • A fight at the wedding – promises dismissal due to a conflict with the boss.
  • To come late to the celebration – means deterioration in reputation.

    Top-5 positive interpretations of a dream about mother’s and father’s wedding:
  • Big wedding of your parents is a dream promising financial independence.
  • Mobile registration of the marriage - promises fulfilling of your wishes.
  • To be a best man / maid of honor at a parent's wedding means signing a lucrative contract.
  • Saying a toast on the wedding of your parents is a symbol of patronage of an influential person.
  • Crying on the wedding is a symbol of fun pastime with your family.

If you were dancing on the wedding of your parents, this image predicts minor household chores. If you were hugging your mom during the wedding ceremony, this plot promises a new source of income.

Cutting a wedding cake means achieving high position in society.

According to Miller, an unmarried man may dream about his parents’ wedding as a symbol promising his own marriage.

According to Freud's dream book, such a dream is a sign of the beginning of a favorable period.

If a pregnant woman dreamed about her young parents getting married, this dream promises birth of a daughter. If her parents were old in the dream, she might have premature labor.

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