Dream dream about dark clouds white clouds clouds

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dream about white clouds, yourself and neighbors will bumper harvest crops.

dream about clouds, residential area will be infectious diseases.

dream about clouds, the neighbors will be bloodshed, or the enemy territory.

dream about clouds dispersed by the wind, the sky was clear and disaster can quickly eliminate, and gone.

dream about the sun around the clouds, is a good omen, means with the help of the people to get out of trouble.

dream about flying in the cloud, will become the leader of the residential area.

businessman dream about clouds that business will fail, lose a fortune.

pregnant women dream about clouds over his own house, is good omen, gave birth to a fine healthy boy.

a man dreamed of clouds, signal will be demoted, cause will be hindered. Good results from his students dream about clouds, examination examination; If the dream about the clouds, promises to be test.

the old dream about floating clouds head, is good omen, indicated that physical health.

dream about clouds, the opposite. Dreaming that sat on the cloud, love is made good progress.

dream about cloud and the sun, in interpersonal relationship.

dream cloud flow at breakneck speed, & other; Of the emergency & throughout; And the risk of suffering injury or acutely ill will have family. But itself without any influence on you.

dream about mountain stands on the cloud, improve skills.

dream about the sky suddenly covered with dark clouds, in the aspect of health have the shadow. Dream about rose in plain in the clouds, the symptoms of your personal opinion is too strong.