Dream fight is good

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dream fights? Dreaming that fights have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about fighting, will make useless partners.

students dream about fighting that good exam results.

a man dreamed of fighting the main travel, explanation: there are difficulties, best to cancel.

dreamed that he was beaten, life would be richer, there will be a lucky thing happen to you, the home of the patient soon recovered.

dream fight well

dream about strangers beaten, will encounter difficulties.

dreamed that his family had been killed, family members to add.

dream move plants, promoting to a higher position.

prisoners dreamed of being beaten, will be released soon.

dream fight with people, there will be a disaster.

a businessman dream about fight with customer, is auspicious, can make a fortune.

but the dream about a fight with classmates, interpersonal rise, you seeing anyone can bold and aggressive, the people around you must also be honest to you, will not conflict.

dream about brothers fight, intelligence has bad lucks, your academic performance will decline substantially.

dream about many people battle group of frame, health have the shadow, attention should be paid to the digestive system, careful diseases such as acute gastroenteritis, stomach ulcers, gastroptosis, appendicitis. Don not overeating.

dream about beating others, will get others praise.

dreaming that I am beaten by people who has nothing to do, is the failure and unlucky omen.

dreamed that her lover was beaten, means that two people will be more deep love, and their love is eternal.

dream about playing his own chest, is the writing on the wall, or by a criminal case, or their relatives and friends.

often dreamed of slapping on the ground, the current obstacles can eliminate, then to the bankrupt person, is a good dream.

dreamed that he was beaten, and finally killed by people, warning him and all the pain and disaster will end, and will live a very happy day.

dream about abetting others hit people, was beaten man could be your best friend. The patient had this dream, his illness soon recover.

the analysis of the above is my dreamed that fight is good, hope to help you.