I dreamed that the rain flooded the road

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Dream of a heavy rain, the road is like the sea, and it's all flooded & nbsp; 75 & nbsp; dream of a heavy rain, and the road is like the sea, which means: & nbsp; it's suitable for year-end environmental cleaning for work, changing the appearance of room furnishings, or sorting out clothes. The surrounding environment has a new atmosphere, and the new year will have a good omen. In addition, if there are brothers and sisters scattered everywhere, it's best Let's get in touch with everyone to go home for the new year. The atmosphere of family reunion is more conducive to the development of luck. & nbsp; dream of the good and bad luck of the heavy rain and the highway is like the sea flooded: & nbsp; the foundation is lucky, the situation can be a little stable, and there is a great success for a time due to diligence, but the success is bad, so that it can't be expanded and developed, and there is a threat of failure again. If there are a number of bad people in personality or geography, they are afraid of traffic Bring disaster, or fall into the difficulty of infirmity and disease, or lose a quick victory, or turn into disaster and harm. [good and bad balance] < / pre > < p > < br / >