What does the divorced woman dream of rain Herald

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 dream of rain. Rainy days have always been regarded as guest days because heavy rain blocks people's travel.In dreams, rain means obstacles and barriers.Dreaming of heavy rain means that your career will encounter obstacles.Dream of storm, engaged in work will have a good income.Dream that the storm is coming, then auspicious omens come one after another.Women dream of storms and difficulties at home.Pregnant women dream of rain, which means that their baby is a girl.Farmers dream of heavy rain, which is auspicious and will have a good harvest.Businessmen dream of rain, business will lose money.The patient dreamed of rain and would be bedridden.Tourists dream of rain and the trip will come to a successful end.The rain represents your love luck. The bad luck comes and the luck gets better.The continuous rain means that your current lover is sincere to you and can communicate with you at ease. < / pre > < p > < br / >