Dream of torrential rain and rising water

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Dream of heavy rain, career will encounter obstacles, dream of storm, the work will have a good income. Women dream of storm, the family will encounter difficulties. Farmers dream of heavy rain, is auspicious, will have a good harvest. Dream of heavy rain, indicates that career may encounter some difficulties. If the dreamer is a businessman, recent business may have difficulties Some losses. If you dream of heavy rain in your illness, you may be bedridden. If you dream of heavy rain in love, it may mean that the other party is not sincere to you, but has something to hide. You should know it well. If your husband dreams of heavy rain when he is away from home, it indicates that you may be separated from your wife and children for a long time. Dream of storm , it indicates that your current job will bring you a good income. If there is a sudden storm in a woman's dream, it may indicate that there will be difficulties at home and be prepared. < / pre > < p > < br / >