Dream of what a heavy rain, okay

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Dreaming of a heavy rain means: & nbsp; you will run around and make you maladjusted. It is easy to have verbal disputes with your other half. Please think twice before you say anything. Investing together with your brothers and sisters will have a surprising harvest. Your superiors have entrusted you with many things, and you have to deal with them at the same time. & nbsp; dream of good or bad luck of a heavy rain: & nbsp; only if there is a continuous pearl game, it will be a great luck It's better to like water in the original life. There is a great power for a time, which gets its name and profits from great development. However, if it has bad conduct and behavior, both victory and defeat are extreme and short-lived, and finally become desolate and exiled, like bubbles and dreams, and the result is sad luck, death and lonely life. [Zhongji] & nbsp; don't take it seriously and don't believe in superstition. < / pre > < p > < br / >