Dream about watching comedy is what mean

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dream about watching comedy is good, what's the meaning? Dream about watching comedies have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about comedy, is a symbol of happy life and vulgar to enjoy.

dreamed that he is a role of comedy, says you will indulge in stupid and brief pleasure.

dreaming that I am watching comedy that enjoyable task.

workers dream about watching comedy, said the dreamer will become addicted to the enjoyment of the vulgar, and the happy time is short, not only obtained and appear a fool.

dream about circus show that sometimes you of life in the raw power of curiosity and fear.

dream about watching comedy is good, have what meaning

dream about comedy flame performance to be done, the symbol you concern about anger and control.

dream about comedy in the clown said your life is full of misunderstanding, reflected in real life you often feel that they are not understood, and some of the negative, the psychology of self-mockery. Dream about homeless people and also has the meaning of such fools.

if you dream to be deceived by comedy, indicate that you will get a higher position, and not just some embarrassing situation now.

dream about harlequin, suggests that you did not mean to move continuously by misunderstanding. Careless you inadvertently caused the dissatisfaction of others.

the analysis of the above is my dream to see comedy is good, have what meaning, hope to help you.