Dream about the architect is what mean

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dream about architects is good, what's the meaning? Dream about architects have what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

usually dream male construction workers, have a father, full of power, to build such houses.

if a dream has a construction or maintenance man to repair your house, suggest you will reflect on the problems in your life, and solved it. Dream house symbol of self.

dream about a job in the dredge pipe, suggest you will solve the problem of the emotional ones.

dream about a mechanic, or mechanic in the face of a pile of scattered parts, a symbol of himself in the face of life lay the complexities of the situation, and to put things in perspective, solve the status quo, was very upset.

dream about architects is good, what is the meaning

dream about architects, indicated that may work you're doing a huge red, despite the difficulties, are you still in methodically as planned, will eventually achieve the goal.

dream about architect in building, said you plan to do things, and therefore have answers, and smoothly.

dreaming that I am talking with the architect that you will have help in implementation plan.

dream about architect in drawing blueprints, say your business will change, may let you lose the results.

young women dream about architects, herald her eager expectation, carefully plan a good marriage was rebuffed

the analysis of the above is my dream about the architect is good, have what meaning, hope to help you.