Dream about computer is what mean

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dream about computer is good, what's the meaning? Dream about computer have what symptom? Here to share.

dream about computer, can represent mental impression, it represents the past, present and future.

dream about computer, may also be was thinking about the past or to straighten out previously stored information.

dream about a computer, probably in a dream you have talent and personal potential.

dream about computer maintenance, often represent the chaos or annoyance on his memory.

dream about computer is good, what is the meaning

dream about their own computer is maintenance, adumbrative he would run into trouble, but a friend will help you share together, and things will be solved.

dreaming that I am in the maintenance of the computer, says he will step into new life

computer means dream, and had to bow to the dilemma of concessions to unreasonable demand. Originally think justly and momentum seems to be down. But even if the heart what is uneven, discontent and don't show on my face, not only the situation didn't improve only can let a person see the hate.

dream about computer repaired, curiosity strong day! You, is not always a gossip, but today's curiosity once start, it is likely to be as a secret mission to complete! Romance, were of the opposite sex and shown good opportunity is very big, often you also have a good impression of him! But have the feeling to love, you must weigh the well.

computer means that the dream about people: today you easily affected by others' way of life, even from the success of others find their own goals. But anxious molecules in the air today, you have to be careful their fascination with those unrealistic things.

relationship aspect, lovers may depend on your mind, a lot of things need your help, you may be tired of each other's feelings!

the analysis of the above is my dream about computer is good, have what meaning, hope to help you.