Dream about a bear|Dream about killing a bear

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What does it mean to dream about a bear? How about dreaming about a bear?

Although the bear is dangerous, it is clumsy. Dreaming about the bear may indicate that you have too many worries in your mind recently.

Dreaming about a bear also indicates that you will be unstoppable and invincible in the competition of pursuing anything.

Dream about killing a bear, indicating the release from the previous entanglement.

Young women dream about bears, there will be a very dangerous opponent or other misfortunes.

Dream about a bear coming to you, indicating that you may have a long-term enemy with a tough opponent, and do things carefully.

Dreaming about being killed by a bear indicates that there will be troubles in life.

Dream about a bear running, indicating the arrival of happiness.

Dream that bear is walking on the mountain. Maybe you are in a bit of low spirits recently. You are always afraid of doing things. You need to show your spirit and move forward boldly.

Dream about a bear coming down the mountain road from the top of the mountain, which indicates that you may have lawsuits and live a restless life.

I dreamed that the bear went up the mountain, but it disappeared at the top of the mountain, indicating that all the pain would end.

Dreaming about standing white bear dancing indicates that you will get promotion, increase salary and get along well with your boss.

Dream about the body of a bear floating in the river, indicating that your neighbors or friends may encounter disaster.