dream about chimpanzees|he chimpanzee in the dream

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What does it mean to dream about orangutans? How about dreaming about orangutans?

The dream about chimpanzees is usually the reflection of the stupidity and clumsiness of human beings, and also contains the subconscious desire for nature and returning to nature.

Dreaming about orangutans may reflect that you will be misunderstood by people close to you, and feel very distressed for this. I hope that the misunderstanding can be eliminated as soon as possible, and I will regain my old friendship.

If the chimpanzee in the dream is gentle and friendly, it indicates that you will meet a different friend, who may become your confidant or lifelong friend.

Dreaming about a fight between a chimp and a monkey indicates a possible quarrel with someone.

Young women dream about orangutans, which indicates that their boyfriend is unfaithful.