Dream about dead mice|Dream about killing mice

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What does it mean to dream about a dead mouse? How about dreaming of dead mice and mice?

Dream about dead mice, dead mice, auspicious omen, good luck.

Pregnant women dream about dead mice,  themselves and their children will be very healthy.

To kill a mouse in a dream means that your people are smart and will soon be able to detect the plot of the enemy. If you dream that a mouse is caught by a cat, it means that your recent financial fortune is very good. Whether it's lottery or lottery, you can often win. If it's not a lot of money, try it.

Dream about killing mice. If you feel someone is following you recently, remind yourself of where you may offend people. Pay attention to the trap that villains put on themselves.

The dream is to kill a rat, and the mouse symbolizes the meaning of a thief. The dream is to remind yourself to pay attention to anti-theft, and to face the thief at the same time, do not be soft handed, or even killed. Show hatred of the thief.

Women dream about killing mice. Most women are afraid of mice. If women dream about killing mice, their fear of mice indicates that they have been under great pressure recently and should relax themselves.

Dream about killing cute mice, cute mice represent babies, if pregnant women do this dream, it means that they should pay attention to premature delivery, abortion. If the husband and wife have this dream, it means that they should pay attention to sexual awareness and develop good sexual health to avoid infertility.

Dream about killing mice, there will be an unexpected harvest. The low value unified invoice may have the chance to win the prize or participate in various contests.

The candidates dream about  killing mice, and their scores in recent tests are poor.

Single people dream about killing mice, the Lord's recent love fortune can be successful. But both sides must not go their own way.

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