Dreaming about a lion |What does it mean to dream about a lion?

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What does it mean to dream about a lion? How about dreaming of a lion?

The dream about a lion shows the powerful side of the dreamer's ego.

The pride and power of lions also remind people of their father's dignity and other respectable qualities.

Dreaming about a lion indicates that there is a great drive to move you forward.

Dream about meeting the lion, remind you to pay attention to health, may be sick, or the opponent is very strong. Remind you to be well prepared and find a good way to solve the problem.

Dream about fighting with lions, indicating that you will face challenges and opportunities in your career, and will have great development.

To dream that you are bitten by a lion means that you can overcome difficulties, or that you are not defeated in the end even though you are faced with a strong opponent.

Dreaming about lions catching and killing animals indicates that your recent life may remind you of your father's autocracy, or the domination of your obedient partner's sexual life.

Dreaming that a lion eats a man implies that you are deficient in some aspect of your character. It also means that you or other people may be in danger. Be careful.

Dreaming that a lion is rushing to his friend indicates that there may be some kind of lasting conflict to start, and you may face a period of bad luck. Maybe one of your projects will cost you nothing and remind you to invest carefully.

Dream about lions roaring, love troubles will be solved, the hearts of pimples will be eliminated, two people can further develop love, live a happy life.

Dream about the lion's majestic roar, indicating that your opponent is very status and status.

When a woman dreams of a lion roaring, it means that you are smart and capable, can preside over the family business, and even control the power of your husband.

In the dream, the lion sits quietly, indicating that although your opponent is strong, he will not attack easily considering your status and position, but once he does, he will be fatal.

Dreaming about hunting or taming a lion means you will defeat your opponent.

In my dream, I saw the circus training lions, indicating that the strong enemy is willing to reconcile with you.

Dream about riding on a lion, and you will reap both fame and wealth.

Dreaming that the lion and the lamb are lying together, it means that the contradiction of opposites will have a chance to be adjusted.

To dream about conquering a lion means that you will succeed in everything.

If you are subdued by a lion. That you will have no resistance. We can only wait for the enemy's attack.

To dream about a lion in a cage means that whether you can succeed depends on whether you can treat those who oppose you correctly.

Dream about a man controlling a lion in or out of a lion's cage, which means success in career, inner strength or foreshadowing that you will win women's favor.

Dream about little lion, a new career, a new plan. If you can grasp it well, it will bring you success.

A young woman dreams of a lion, indicating that she will have a very attractive lover.

The woman dreamed that Daniel, the Hebrew prophet, was imprisoned in the lion's cave, saying that with her intelligence and personal charm, she would win the wealth and love she wanted most.

In my dream, I heard the roar of the lion, which indicated that there would be unexpected development and beautiful work with the woman I love.

The dream that the lion shows his teeth and growls at you face to face shows that you seek more power, but fail to do so in the end.

Dreaming about lion skin means that wealth and happiness will improve your quality of life.

Dream about riding a lion, to show the courage and perseverance to overcome difficulties.

Dream that you use a pencil sharpener to protect your children from the attack of lions, indicating that you are in danger of being defeated by the enemy. If you are confused by sweet words, and you neglect your duty for a moment, the enemy will succeed.

Dream about lions attacking wild elephants, implying that enemies will conflict with each other, and eventually both will lose, which is a good opportunity for you to sit and reap the benefits.

Dream about lions walking on the grassland, suggesting that there are thick clouds in interpersonal relationships, self assertion is too strong, easy to challenge people, it is best to control yourself and coordinate with people.

A woman dreams that a lion, if not married, will marry a man of high weight and strong body; if married, she will have a strong boy.