Dream about lights|Dream about distant lights

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Dream about lights, indicates that your family is very happy, can get the care of their families, so that you can have a warm home after tired.

Dream about distant lights, a symbol of hope for a happy life, indicates that your life will become rich, can have a lot of money, and can get what you want.

Dream about the distant light instability, indicates that your current situation is not optimistic, may encounter a blow, will slowly start to decline, or even do not exist.

Dream about the distant lights out, indicating that you will encounter despair, there may be something bad happen, to be prepared.

Patients dream about distant lights, indicating that your condition will be improved. I believe that you can recover soon, as long as you don't give up.

Men dream about distant lights, indicating that you will be taken care of by many relatives and friends, be able to get help in difficult times, and bring hope to yourself.

Women dream about distant lights, which indicates that you will have a perfect family, a husband who loves you, and a happy life.

Businessmen dream about distant lights, indicating that your business can be bigger and bigger, and can be recognized by everyone, and become famous celebrities.