Dream about colleagues abortion is what mean

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dream colleagues abortion is what mean? Dream about colleagues abortion is what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about colleagues abortion, would have been a bad accident, but in the end will survive.

women dream about abortion or colleague, is to remind you to put all his energy into business at the same time, also should pay attention to their health. If you are pregnant, it shows that the fetal development is good, everything is ok don't worry about it.

male friends dream about colleagues abortion, show that you will have a loss of economic interests at present, it is possible that money, it is possible that the emotional

friends abortion pregnant women dream about colleagues, colleagues, friends happy happy family happiness, no pain.

businessman will dream about colleagues abortion, the business is thriving, get the best returns.

dream colleagues miscarriage

, abortion patients dreamed colleagues are good one million head, body rehabilitation, pain can recover soon.

dream about colleagues and girlfriends abortion, help won't get girlfriends at a difficult time, alone in the face of difficulties.

dream abortion, hear colleagues will infamy, but in the end will survive.

unmarried man dreamed of colleagues abortion, will work hard to find contentment counterpart.

the crew dream about colleagues abortion, is auspicious, the journey will be smooth sailing, sailing will succeed.

abortion doctors dreamed colleague, did not perform their duties, be punished in the middle of the work or life.

dream to hear the news of the abortion others, suggesting that would be a setback, or emotional frustration.

dream about abortion, usually indicate plans to fall by the wayside.

the analysis of the above is my dream about colleagues abortion is what meaning, hope to help you.