Dreamed that he was robbed what meaning be

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dreamed that he was robbed what meaning be? dreamed that he was robbed what symptom? The following analysis for everyone.

dream was robbed, good omen, adumbrative accidentally get harvest.

dream robbery behavior, means that the harvest, spending, or friends.

dreamed that he was robbed, herald a recent friend up, and every friend friendship will increasingly deepen, every day happy, happy, is auspicious.

dream about others robbed, heralding the you in the near future is an improper action, suggest you to be more careful, cautious.

dream about the wife was robbed, heralds the affection between you and your wife is very good, very sweet, harmonious, suggest you don't have to worry too much, is a good omen.

dream about the robber is robbed, difficulties will suffer.

dreamed of was robbed is items, that you will have unexpected harvest.

dreamed of was robbed is money, is to remind you to save money.

dream was to the others, is trying to tell you you will meet a new friend.

dream about attempted robbery, is about to get wealth or success will soon lose.

dream by bandits heist, indicates your digestive system hairy bo

dream about others by bandits heist, indicates you are want to adopt an improper action, so be sure to alert.

dreamed that his wife was robbed, prove yourself is to love his wife, the husband and wife relationship is very good.

dream about the wife was robbed, and wife will be very harmonious relationship.

the staff dreamed of was robbed, to get the attention of the leadership.

the prisoner dreamed of was robbed, will soon be free.

the above is my introduction what is the meaning of dreaming that I was robbed , hope to help you.