Dreaming that naked what meaning dreaming that naked

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dream about naked what's the meaning?

dream is a strange phenomenon, and the experience of a dream, is also people have in common. But in the human culture, regardless of the ancient and modern Chinese and foreign, understanding of the dream, has always been a mystery.

so, dream about naked?

dream about naked, have many meanings. Usually symbol, or a natural pure nature.

according to analysis of western psychology point of view, and dream about a naked, may tend to express a kind of potential baring and inner repressed desires. The idea is that both men and women, the dream about a woman's naked, may suggest that sexual desire. And dream about naked men, in addition to the exposure to, may express heterosexual or homosexual desires. Dream about a very idealized nude, like a sculpture, expressed the longing for love, and desire for the desire realm.

in addition, the dream about nude also fame, position, and is closely related to the relationship with the outside world, etc.

in fact, the dream about a naked, is closely related to the emotions and the meaning of naked in my dream.

if you feel comfortable when dream about naked light, has hinted that the dreamer wants to remove various cloak, his most real side, openly show in public.

like dreaming that I am naked, very embarrassed, embarrassment, pain in the dream, suggest possible is in a dilemma, is likely to be poor, or suffer humiliation, secular under pressure.

if the dream is being stripped naked, predict the economic crisis is likely to encounter. Conversely, if was wearing clothes, said the dreamer comparison pay attention to self image, popularity is very good, there are a lot of friends.

if the dream about walking naked into the streets, in the dream feel pressure, portend serious losses, such as the loss of money, or reputation loss of status, identity is reduced; To withstand setbacks life and the world changes in temperature.

but if dreaming that I am naked walk in the crowd, people seem to turn a blind eye, say what do you think of others not care, also reflects your subconscious wanted to show his true personality, but real life, but afraid of other people don't accept reservations.

if you dreamed that he was alone streaking scurrying, suggest you eager to happily vent pent-up feelings.

if dreaming that I am like a baby naked, heart pleasant, may reveal you miss the past pure in heart.

dream know naked, and you feel relaxed and natural, may said you willing to accept their true colors in the heart, it is also possible in life, some of them pose, hope they can be more honest in your heart.

dreamed that he was naked in public places, and confident and happy, also said you want to be honest with people. Perhaps, your in the mind some worry about you misunderstood.

dream about wife or girlfriend naked, naked, suggesting that the affection between you has become the cold shoulder.

dream came across the opposite sex naked, indicated on the money embarrassed or might be a cash is not enough time, make your social life a bit awkward.