Duke of zhou interprets query dream about doctors dreamed of talking with the doctor

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dream about a doctor, should remind relatives pay more attention to take care of health.

and long illness healed people dream about a doctor, the patient can accentuate illness.

dream about doctors on diagnosis without disease diagnosis, on jobs, superior attitude full of praise for your work.

dream about talking to the doctor, will be in good health.

dream about to make friends with a doctor, don't ask for a gift, you can get rich.

dream about quarrel with the doctor, will suffer great losses.

dream eyes happen abnormal lesions, go to the eye doctor, this means rational judgment or insight becomes slow.

dreamed that he became a doctor or a western medicine doctor, may mean that there will be fired soon, or business.

dream to wait on medical staff, the business will be ups and downs, turbulent life.

dream went to see my doctor, and highly respected at all, by the people's respect to establish friendly relations.

women dream about her husband when the doctor, will suffer from uterine diseases.

dream about pharmacists in pharmacy dispensing drugs, it is health have abnormal signal.

dream about a doctor to have an infectious disease you said to treatment, and to give you a prescription, immediately after you took the medicine to take, will face the end of business or something ominous.

dream about a doctor with a stethoscope diagnosis disease in your body, need to follow the instructions of the supervisor or the government to take place, or their own business or career need to review the situation.

dreamed that he was sick, so I need to go to the hospital, but all hospitals are closed, suggests that are looking for solutions for the current problems, or if there is no problem, but can't establish the development direction of life and inwardly lamentation.