Dream about drowning stand for

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what the dream about drowning, dreaming that I am drowning what implication, below and see it together.

dream about drowning, this is a dream suggests that the health, indicates your health. If you old disease, so must be careful, because it is the possibility of a relapse, especially allergic constitution of the people, or have a history of nephritis, take extra care.

dream about drowning, water usually represents the people's feelings and emotions. If in a dream, water bring danger to themselves, said in some kind of emotional life in yours, or is controlled by bad feelings inside. Dreamt of drowning, therefore, means that oneself bear responsibility is too heavy, breathing hard, this pressure will often make yourself suffocating and inner nervous.

dreamed that he was flooded, the evil comes.

dreaming that I am drowning, means that the dreamer will follow or the like of the person or friends, make oneself mood of anxiety.

dream about others drowning, heralding the dreamer will have a bad news.

dream about flooded and couldn't breathe, means that the dreamer may have respiratory illness.

what the dream about drowning

drowning dreamed of his relatives and friends, said a dream realized they involved in adverse events and lose balance to them, they may be out of luck.

dreamed that he was drowned, heralding the recent a high probability of your rival in love, as long as you can stick to fight on can conquer rival in love.

dreamed that he was drowned, usually means that the dreamer may be completely controlled by themselves do not have feelings, facing danger, the dreamer is afraid of to vent their feelings.

dreaming that I am drowning in a pond, it shows that there is a big problem in your marriage, had dreamed that the pond is good, that you husband and wife total harmonic coyly, soon gave birth to a son, but drowning in the pond, prove that your marriage is very unstable, even divorce.

dreaming that I am drowning in the lake, to prove that you are not, in trouble free still desperately struggling. If the dream about the water calm as a mirror, so that no trouble bothering you in your life.

dreaming that I am drowning in the sea, said because of something I feel very guilty, you are going to put their own faults and sin to want to clean, want to be someone else's forgiveness and forgive.

that's about what the dream about drowning, hope to help everyone.