Dream about the leg is what mean

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dream about legs is what mean? Dream about the leg is what mean? The following analysis for everyone.

dream about leg injury, heralding the property loss.

dream about all the legs, will meet with difficulties, predict the economic turnaround is ineffective, troubled life.

young women dream about praise your legs look good, and suggest that inner vanity is very strong, but be careful not to because someone else's rhetoric.

dream is plump legs, it is possible that dream about spring, said sexual desire.

dream about sitting on a straight leg, indicated that will make you excited love arrival.

young women dream about holding someone on their legs, indicated that she will be harsh criticism.

dream about their legs on the plate with a python, means that she will be control by the enemy, the risk of violations.

dream about cat lying on the leg, indicated that she will meet a love games.

dream about leg

dream about a defect in its legs, may say the dreamer's heart fear of sex, or repressed desires. But if a defect is deep, the dense, bones, blood dripping wet, very terrible, is to remind you to pay attention to physical and mental health.

dreamt that he had a false leg, means that you are very selfish, always consider their own interests, but forget friends make sacrifices for you.

dream your leg ulcers, means that you are willing to spend their own money to help others.

dream about your legs must be removed, suggested that you will lose a lot of friends to help, the influence of the home is a heavy burden for you, make you feel life is a kind of torture, no interest.

dream feel legs is clean and nice, said in the future you will be happy, and there are many honest friend.

above is the information about the dream about what is meant by the leg, I hope it can help you.