Women dream about tooth what is meant by the duke of zhou interprets

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women dream about tooth is how to return a responsibility? women dream about tooth is sign? Under analysis for everybody here.

ancient Chinese called teeth, & quot; Tooth & quot; Intention refers to the molar tooth at the back of the mouth, & quot; Tooth & quot; The original meaning refers to the front teeth. In ancient times the tooth and tooth different meaning of the word, there are dentists and dental medical and other significance of tooth, tooth. Now most of the general, and with known as teeth. Everyone will pass off tooth, changing process, this represents a growth, but there are also caused by damage of teeth. Dream away the teeth is going on?

so, dreamed a dream related to tooth is what mean duke of zhou interprets crack:

women dream about tooth, suggests that the dreamer may have quarrels with people that remind the dreamer to control their emotions, don't impulse, all the reconciliation;

women dreamed that he began to pull the tooth, means growth, and become mature;

women dream about losing teeth not painful not bleeding, illustrate the dreamer is undergoing change, there can be no real bad influence for my life;

women dream about teeth, means that your family's health may appear problem, remind the dreamer to cared more about your family's health.

Women dream about tooth what is meant by the duke of zhou interprets

original duke of zhou interprets women dream about tooth

fell tooth parents fierce & ndash; & ndash; Mean women dream about teeth off my parents' health may have a problem or has other accident;

tooth fell more parturient cloth & ndash; & ndash; Mean woman dreams for future career and life will be prosperous new teeth.

women dream about tooth duke of zhou interprets the original explain

1. Women dream about tooth extraction, to buying property in the near future.

2. Women women dream about tooth extraction, life of abundance.

3. Businessmen women dream about tooth extraction, will be able to make a gain of business.

4. Peasant women dream about tooth extraction, the harvest is in sight.

5. How many women dream about counting his teeth, be careful, will be to feel humiliated.

6. Women dream about several others' teeth, it is auspicious, means to defeat the enemy.

7. Women dream about his own teeth from falling out, will have quarrels with people. Also has a bad ring in leisure activities. Clear, there is ShuiNan. Boating, surfing, swimming, fishing, aquatic amusement, should be banned. To be very careful when other amusement.

8. Women dream about toothache, to make a fortune.

9. Women dream about growing new teeth, love of good omen. The next three months, there will be no any friction between two people. Love in an intimate atmosphere, park is the best dating sites, art galleries, concert halls, and so on.

10. Woman is a dream for a tiger tooth, health fortunes rise. Next year will be no disease no disaster, can be safe in the past. Worry is the insufficient movement, and thus cause obesity; Be careful oh

in real life, many people have dreamed about teeth, in China and western countries have been circulated folk women dream about loved ones off teeth herald a home can be a disaster. "Duke of zhou interprets" in ancient China, is explicitly write off teeth & other Home throughout the funeral &; The symbol.

women dreamed of tooth psychological explanation

women dream about tooth represents the will have quarrels with people. But there is also another, women dream about tooth, predict home elders will have health problems, such as the old man to death, sometimes does successively appeared tooth and the old man died, why? Because when people faint feel old man may die, the subconscious does with tooth to tell them this way. Because the tooth is the bone tissue Lou in the outside, tooth means & other; Of the same flesh and blood separation & throughout; . But don't have to worry too much, maybe you should go to see a dentist, have to check the teeth tooth decay or have other questions.