Dream stepping on shit is good

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dream stepping on shit is good, dream about step on shit what implication, below and see it together.

stool dreamed you stepped on, or be dirty body, it is auspicious dreams, you will have money coming in the near future, you will come true, all the best.

dream about stool with the hand holding, suggests that the ongoing career or investment, will make a fortune in the near future. The lottery is a good choice, may in the lottery.

dream clothes stick to move bowels, the trend of money on promotion. Can look forward to a new revenue. Maybe in addition to the main job of income, but also part-time into account.

dreamed that he fall into the pit was shit, this is a rare good dream. If the dream oneself fall into the pit to climb out, will be fine. However, if the dream about paralysis sitting on the ground, after stepping on other people's shit is a bad omen.

dream about fall into the pit and then climb out, real cuhk is people & other; Stay at a respectful distance from sb & throughout; Dirt, shit is the opposite of the dream, it symbolizes wealth. Dreamed that fell into the toilet and then climb out, hinted at gear. Recently you may get unexpected harvest, or in the lottery or lottery winners in the raffle.

dream about all shit, this is a very good dream. If the dream about all over the ground to move bowels, suggesting that the god of wealth will be with you. If you are entrepreneurs, will be in the help of others to business success, bring you prosperity.

dream stepping on shit is good

dream about golden stool came to you, golden stool symbol of money, and indicate that you will get a lot of property. Because of the lucky, may in the raffle ticket or recent lottery lottery, also are likely to get the power, with the help of the noble seek wealth for you.

dream stepping on dung, comes money. You will come true, everything is smooth.

dreaming that I am carrying a stool, a good sign. Dreaming that I carry urine into the house, this is a prosperous dream. If you are a business man, business will be more on a layer of floor, two money.

dream about mountains of move bowels, has direct link with money. If the dream about piled up shit, your business or investment will gain remarkable success, bring you a lot of money.

dream is dirty, defecate is geely's dream, whether it was, step on shit, shit hit even the shit in the toilet, is geely, there is a wealth of dream. If poo on their body, clothes, said you would have a predictable income, and the amount of part-time.

above is about dream step on shit is not good, I hope it can help you.