What's the meaning of dream son sick

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dream son was ill is what mean? What symptom is dreaming that son was ill? The following analysis for everyone.

means that the dream son was ill this two days you can easily be preached to do something, completed the also don't know what to do it himself. If the investment is, be especially careful, must be prudent investment.

a man dreamed that son was ill, and a day of fresh air in. More carefree, do things no burden, no pressure. And also might as well on action than usual pace slowed down a bit, it is not necessary to also don't have to go out to interact with others. No special plans or too lazy to go out, just at home will buy the things to make a list. This day more communicate with neighbors, say hello, little lucky start from the affinity of you!

women dream about son was ill, even with a mountain of work to do, or a lot of errands to let you must do, also don't destroy your passionate work morale, and even do more motivated! There may be conditions but also recently good object was deeply attracted by your serious working attitude, you may want to look carefully with eyes wide open!

pregnant women dream about son was ill, this two days fit to future planning, continuation of the previous day's effort, we will continue to improve the plan at hand. Career planning to be perfect, however, must not be less noble help, for you, these people are not necessarily provide funds in career, instead, is to encourage you to start a career planning and action.

dreaming that I am sick, said it might have a little cold, or a friend along with you is not good, but hasn't hurt, if the girl is a dream became seriously ill and is likely to be a single noble.

what is the meaning of dream son was ill

dreaming that I am sick, said it might have a little cold, on the other hand is that you want to escape from life now the environment and state of pain. In addition, when your life goes wrong, or there is a problem of human relationships, also dreamed of illness.

dreamed that his daughter was ill, heralding the daughter's body is healthy.

dream about children was very sick, good luck will come soon.

dream about children became ill cure, good luck though, but also has a lot of social activities, don't you want to get together and eat and drink, have to take care of the body, our strengths.

dreamed that his daughter is sick or physical pain, will encounter the libel or slander of others.

dreamed that his daughter was sick and feel sad, ongoing things or plan will encounter obstacles.

dream about child illness and death, heralding the recent you will have a lot of heart, or will some of your breath will haunt you, is the writing on the wall.

the analysis of the above is my dream about what's son was ill, I hope it can help you.