Dream about blood is what mean? Dream about a lot of blood?

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dream about blood is what meaning, dreamed that a lot of blood?

blood, refers to people or animals opaque liquid circulating system, mostly red, the main ingredients for & other; Plasma & throughout; , & other Blood cells throughout the &; And & other Platelet & throughout; Red, taste salty. Blood bleeding means the body is injured, then dream is also on behalf of the body is something wrong with it?

the duke of zhou interprets detailed introduction about the dream about blood of different method, the detailed analysis of dream about a lot of blood, dreamed that dream omen of blood what is the meaning:

in the duke of zhou interprets the main goods, often dreamed of blood will have good fortune. Blood flow in the body, money flows in the world, where they are interlinked. You satisfied in the wealth, just like the body's cells from the blood to get energy.

but, of course, the main blood money just is the most common explanation, let's take a look at more detailed dream explanation:

u dreamed that he is rich in drink blood - auspicious.

u dream about bleeding into the river to make a fortune - bodes.

painted with blood on his dream about a bed or clothes - will become seriously ill, or the criminal cases.

u dream about someone else's bed or clothes have plaque - an enemy is yourself to conquer, and to beg pardon.

u dreamed of spit sputum with blood - for a long time or bad breakouts expectations are realized.

u dreamed of flowers or a cloth poured out the blood - your courage and determination to get the approval of the people around, to do this.

u dream about knife stabbed after blood splashed themselves - by helping others dream, get a symptom of a property.

u dreamed of a stream of blood die of assets operation, play to their ability to auspicious dreams without reserve.

u dream from cut off the head of animals or people spit out the blood - get huge property and economic rights, business prosperity, a sign of fame.

u dreamed out many physiological blood -- earnestly desire things, happy life continues.

u dreamed that stick on physiological bleeding, meet new partners, business auspicious dreams.

u dreamed of was cleaning the blood of sticky body or clothes - indicate because of property loss, will have a poor life.

u dream about hiding with bloodstained clothes - was ashamed of his own mistakes and trying to hide.

u dreamed of someone with blood on his clothes - this is a sign of the man will come to.

u dream about foot injury bleeding - men treachery or mental and material loss.

u dreamed of face with a nosebleed, public own property to another person or financial ruin.

u dream belly full of blood make abdomen gradually rose's dream big - it is a large sum of money.

u dream about blood vessels and organs in the body by others misunderstanding - shame feeling arises spontaneously.

u dream about leg injury bleeding, career development, into wealth, feel at ease and the joy of success.

u dream about foot with blood - will have unexpected help you accomplish themselves.

u arm bleeding - may result in poor because of errors.

u finger bleeding - be careful recently money will be taken away.

u nose bleeding - some unavoidable small trouble.

& have spent 2, dream about a lot of blood: dream about rivers of blood, warning to make a fortune, a woman of the dream, inhabited region may appear epidemic.

& have spent 3, dreamed of blood? Good, blood is good fortune, joy, enthusiasm, warmth, a symbol of life, aesthetic, most is a good omen, first of all we want to know what is the dream about blood, blood means that will make a fortune, then dreamed of murderous blood, it will have good luck.

these are actually shot duke of zhou interprets project introduced to you about the dream about blood, dreamed that a lot of blood of warning, hope can answer for you.