Dream about sick children ill dream about children

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moral dream about children sick related explanation:

dream about children sick, means that the child body is healthy, do not need to worry too much.

dream about children ill: have on money, financial luck is good, is before trying to obtain feedback. Some effort harvest, make the best use of it for a while financial fortunes, efforts to make money, trying to save. Don't let your money out of the hand in hand. After all, money is hard to earn back

the patient dreamed that children are sick in the near future fortune: much hard, ups and downs, likely to be successful, but also very hard. Of choose and employ persons should pay attention to succeed.

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singles dream about children ill analytic: you love bravely to actively, can be successful.

dream about sick children, indicates the recent your child's body will be healthy, suggest you don't worry too much, is a good omen.

dream about their children sick, heralding the recent you probably worry too much, even if there is nothing wrong with the reality of small and medium-sized children, oneself also will be very worried.

businessman dream about sick children, indicates the recent your finances will be harvested, the efforts of the past will also get feedback.

singles dream about sick children, indicates your recent relationship luck is good, as long as brave and positive to fight for, will succeed, recommend you to have a good grasp.

dream about child illness and death, heralding the recent you will have a lot of heart, or will some of your breath will haunt you, is the writing on the wall.

dream about the child is sick or hurt, heralding the recent you might because the frame or slander others will suffer, there will be some bumps on life, will suffer a hard life, is the writing on the wall.

dream about disabled children, heralding the recent what you plan will encounter difficulties, and eventually may also ended in failure, suggest you to prepare.

dream about their own children face is dark yellow, heralding the you in the near future income will collapse, finances, and is the writing on the wall.

dream about children's bodies atrophy, signal can have bad luck with your child in the near future, is the omen.

dream about children broke, heralding the recent will be entering the new stage, in the work and career is a good omen.

the above is about the dream about child is sick, dreamed of sick children introduction, hope to help you!